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Men's Diemme

Trust.  It's a small word with a big meaning.  To me it has two facets, the first is behaviour the second is time.  it doesn't matter if it's a friend, old, but still reliable car or your faithful Labrador, the positive things they do and the years they have been with you can simply build that trust.  Put simply our relastionship with Diemme boots is now one of trust.

Eight years ago I got my first pair of Diemme, the weight was perfect, they felt comfortable and I could walk all day in them without fatigue.  Frankly, I abused them more than I should have but that was part of the test and the boots now look battered and probably in need of replacement, but they are an old trusted friend and I won`t part with them.

Since then, we have sold countless pairs of Diemme boots to dedicated countrymen who use and abuse their boots in the same way as I do, but they are trusting Diemme too, as they are simply built like no other country boots.

Below are the Diemme styles we'd recommend to anyone out to invest in the best.  From Rubicon and Arno with their shearling wool lining through to the new laced walking/stalking boots Brontolare and Fagiano and Cervo, there is nothing good enough to challenge Diemme.


Picture: Richard in his nine year old pair of Diemme's worn daily thoughout the Scottish winters. Old and tatty Richards boots may be, but still waterproof and as Richard says "so comfy" he won't be parted with them even for a shiny new pair, faithful friends indeed.





Cool, stylish and highly practical country boot. Sale of un-insulated Arno available.

9" High Alpine Stalking Boot

11" High Stalking Boot Available Nov. 2015

6" High Alpine Style Boot

The ultimate hand crafted sporting boot.

The ultimate hand crafted sporting boot.

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