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17b Main Street, St John's Town of Dalry, Castle Douglas, Scotland, DG7 3UP

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The Galloway Boot Company

The story of the knitwear industry in the Scottish Borders is another sad story of decline and the almost obliteration of an industry that once employed most of the people in a host of Border towns. But, like the British car industry and steel from Sheffield a handful of business remain. These businesses survived and flourished because without exception they could do what China couldn’t and had the vision and passion to succeed against the odds. Our sock maker is one of those companies and Robin Deas is their man with the drive to keep them at the top.

I have known Robin for years and he is simply an enthusiast with an encyclopaedic knowledge of what makes great shooting socks and succeeds in putting this knowledge to the best possible use. He’s also a super guy, which makes doing business with him one of life’s joys. You won’t find Robin’s socks carrying any of the big country brands as quite simply they are not interested in passion and perfection. So, he remains niche, the best and happily very successful. 

Adorn your Galloway Boot Company Socks with a perfectly Matching pair of garter Flashes.

Ahh Velcro! The best cheat since the snapper tie!

The best designed shooting sock ever made.

A range of soft and beautifully styled long shooting socks.

A classic merion blend long country boot sock.

Tie and Garter Combo

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BRANDECOSSE LIMITED (Company's registered number: SC350020)

Registered office address:

17b Main Street,

St John's Town of Dalry,

Castle Douglas,

Dumfries & Galloway,

Scotland, DG7 3SE.

Tel: 01644 430 151


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