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The Diemme Story

repairsIf you are an aficionado of fine outdoor boots the Italian town of Montebeluna would roll from your tongue like the most natural word in the world.  For here, as with other cities synonymous with specific industries, the very best companies have survived the relentless drift to the Far East by simply being unequalled masters of their craft.  One of the very best is Calzaturificio Diemme.

Diemme is a family business owned and run by brothers Dennis and Maico Signore.  Both are life-long shoe makers dedicated to preserving the knowledge and skills needed to make outdoor boots in the Alpine welted tradition.

In the Diemme Country Boot range, these skills and craftsmanship come together with the thirty years of knowledge of waterproof boots that Brandecosse has, the flair of young Scottish Designer Meemz, outsoles from Vibram®, breathable waterproof membranes by Sympatex® and not least some of the best full-grain European leather we have ever seen.  The results are quite simply outstanding and we believe, the finest waterproof boots you can buy.

Brandecosse Ltd has been marketing boots made by Diemme since 2008 and using them for even longer. We are country people.  We shoot, fish and muck out ponies in our Diemme boots, we kick them and they kick back.

In the six years wew have been selling Diemme Boots (originally under the Vintage brand) we have not spoken to a single customer who hasn`t been absolutely delighted. Most are serious countrymen and women who work in and understand their boots.  But don`t take our word for it, experience Diemme for yourself.